Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Key

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Treasure Awaits!

In Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys, tensions continue to rise in the King’s court. Some choose to plot in secret, forging alliances with like-minded officials. Others seek out treasures and secrets hidden deep within the castle walls. Will you remain loyal to the very end, or take your future into your own hands?


  • Thick player boards with slots for housing the new Chest Tiles, which add a new element to the tableau management for players to explore
  • Three public Buildings for players to compete over constructing, each with their own unique in-game abilities and bonus rewards
  • Mechanisms for players to gain more Hero Townsfolk into their deck, providing even more power turns and possible combos
  • Three replacement starting Townsfolk for each player
  • More Heroes, Townsfolk, Player Cards, and Manuscripts


  • 20 Townsfolk Cards
  • 10 Hero Townsfolk Cards
  • 12 Starting Townsfolk Cards
  • 5 Player Cards
  • 1 AI Scheme Card
  • 1 Illustrated Rulebook
  • 3 Public Building Tokens
  • 3 Public Building Cards
  • 18 Chest Tiles
  • 5 Manuscripts