The Happy Marshmallow Game

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This roasty toasty game is a great first game that introduces young players to taking turns, counting and following directions. Each player grabs a marshmallow roasting stick, then they take turns drawing cards and adding the matching marshmallow to their stick. Everyone wins when all the roasting sticks are full! Celebrate by “roasting” the marshmallows over a pretend campfire while singing campfire songs. This fun game is perfect for toddler playdates or family time!• This fun first game is great for toddler playdates or family time• Kids will learn fine motor skills, color matching, pretend play, following directions and vocabulary building• Includes 2 marshmallow roasting sticks, 12 marshmallows, 1 pretend campfire, 12 marshmallow cards, and parent guide

Age Recommendation: Ages 2 and up