Pixar Friends Floor 60pc


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Share the joy of Up, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Inside Out, WALL-E, Nemo and Lightning McQueen with Ravensburger's “Pixar Friends” floor puzzle!

Get ready for some feature film fun with this giant, 60-piece floor puzzle from Ravensburger! Assemble the pieces to reveal familiar scenes from your favorite Pixar films, including Up, Toy Story, Monsters University, Finding Dory, Cars, WALL-E, The Incredibles, and Inside Out.

As kids work at solving puzzles, they are developing fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They develop problem-solving skills and learn to think logically. Puzzles also help with shape recognition and help to enhance memory. Puzzle play encourages goal setting and patience—both of which are rewarded when the puzzle is completed.

Puzzling also promotes unplugged play, providing opportunities to socially interact and connect without the use of technology. We care about Ravensburger's footprint on the environment. All the materials used in Ravensburger's puzzles come from sustainable resources and are either recyclable or stem from recycled sources. Trees used in the production of Ravensburger's cardboard come from FSC certified sources and sustainably managed forests.