Narwhal Waterfall

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This exciting game puts teamworking skills to the test! A cooperative game that encourages working together and keeping a cool head, Narwhal Waterfall is a fun and fast-paced game of getting narwhals safely across the river. Be careful not to tumble down the waterfall! Features a moving gameboard for added fun and excitement. Cooperative games like this require all players to work together against the game, not against each other. Every wins - or loses- together. Peaceable Kingdom's cooperative games cultivate kindness, courage, and connection. • Cooperative games encourage working together to win• Boosts shared decision-making, simple strategy and cooperation skills• Includes 1 gameboard with moving river, 5 narwhals, 1 die, 36 swimming cards, 8 special action cards and instructions

Age Recommendation: Ages 6 and up