Keyforge Adventures: The Abyssal Conspiracy

Asmodee USA

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The Keyraken has been vanquished!

Yet, the trouble is not over. While the Archons defeated the mythical beast, a red-eyed intruder sabotaged their ship. Gloating that the “remaining seals” will soon be opened, and that “their resonance” will soon spread throughout the Crucible, the villain escaped justice and fled into the ocean. Where did this villain come from? What seals are being opened, and by whom? Will the Archons ever catch a break?

KeyForge: Adventures is a series of unique cooperative game modules in which one to three players work together to overcome some great challenge or danger to the Crucible and its denizens.

To face the challenge inside each KeyForge: Adventure, each player must use a standard 36-card KeyForge deck, a set of keys, and sufficient tokens and counters from their own collection (i.e. sold separately).