DIY Paint by Number: Campervan Traveling Around the World

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Set out on a trip across the world with Yael Hofri’s Campervan traveling around the world painting. Just like many other artworks from this designer, this one uses many sharp shapes and bright colors to evoke feelings of joy and create a cheerful atmosphere.

This painting is all about escapism and the desire for a long journey and exploration. The scenery itself is rich in beautiful, colorful details: in the foreground, you can see exotic flowers, painted in lively tones of orange, yellow and blue, while a light blue van is stationed among them. The van, as well as the clothes of the couple sitting on top of it, give this artwork a vintage feel. In the distance, beyond the lush green fields, sandy dunes can be seen, as a symbol for the vastness of the world and all the different elements you can find in it.