Clutching Toy: Beke the Bear

HABA Habermaass Corporation

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Age: 6 - 24 Months

Beke the Bear makes a perfect first stuffed animals for any baby. The toy has a variety of functions and as such, it helps improve several parts of a baby’s development. The toy is soft and easy to grasp, which fosters fine motor skills and reflexive clutching. It also helps your baby develop their ability to hold onto an object and move it while maintaining grip, thanks to its fun rattling sound.

The material below the bear’s head can be flipped up to turn Beke into a tree, which will help your baby learn to perfect their motor function through trial and error. With effort, your baby can learn to transform one object into another, which develops their cognitive abilities. Through experimenting, a baby learns how to solve problems, for example, being able to turn Beke into a tree and back into a bear by themselves.

  • fosters fine motor skills and reflexive clutching
  • bear produces a jolly rattling sound