Bicycle Ride Around the World 1000pc


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Follow the route the daring Thomas Stevens took on his “Bicycle Ride Around the World” in this puzzle map that spans the globe!

No one had traveled across the country, let alone across the world, by bicycle until Thomas Stevens began his journey! He left San Francisco on April 22, 1884 and rode (and walked 1/3 of the way) 3,700 miles on wagon trails, railways and roads, reaching Boston 104 days later. He took a ship to Liverpool and rode across Europe, the Middle East and Asia to end his journey in Japan. A boat ride returned him to San Francisco — a total of 13,500 miles! A great gift for any history or bicycle buff!

British-born Thomas Stevens rode a black-enameled Columbia 50-inch 'Standard' penny-farthing bicycle (named after the British coins). Built by the Pope Manufacturing Company of Chicago, it was very rugged and Stevens reported only one significant mechanical problem over all his travels. It happened when a local military confiscated his bicycle and damaged the front wheel!

Product Details:
Piece Count: 1000
Measures: 27.6" x 19.7"
For ages 14+