9 Set Cribbage Pegs (3Gd/3Sv/3Bk)

Wood Expressions, Inc.

Regular price $7.99

These are high quality brass pegs that are of substantial weight and size and will last forever. The peg was designed with a tapered body and an easy grip top. In the event you do drop a peg on the floor, you will certainly hunt a little longer to find it.

6 metal cribbage pegs (2 gold, 2 silver, 2 black)
Easy grip cribbage peg top with tapered peg body
Will fit most cribbage boards with standard 1/8 Inch diameter peg holes
Tapered design that will work with larger peg holes up to 3/16 of inch
We recommend that you measure the holes of your cribbage board prior to purchase to be sure the dimensions of these pegs will fit your board